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Better know a vegetable

One of the great things a nutrition challenge does is, well, challenge you.  Challenge you to find new recipes.  Challenge you to find new ingredients.  And this Paleo Challenge is a great time to explore the amazing variety of foods out there.  And sometimes there are foods out there we’ve never even heard of, let alone tried to eat.  Hold my hand, take a deep breath, and let’s dive in, shall we?  Right into the sea, where sea vegetables live (Obviously).  Did I lose you? Come back!

Sea vegetables are a superfood, low in calories and fat.  More significantly, they are some of the richest sources of minerals in the vegetable kingdom!  And sea vegetables provide iodine, a nutrient vital to maintaining health.  There are many delicious ways to eat seaweed.  A great way to sprinkle it into your everyday diet is to, ahem, sprinkle it into your everyday diet.  Dulse flakes are readily available at supermarkets, and so is a great seasoning called gomasio (seaweed, salt, and sesame seeds).  I sprinkle these into morning scrambled eggs, burgers, mushrooms, and onto sweet potatoes too.

Here’s a good article about eating sea veggies: 

And some yummy recipes.  Be bold!  Challenge yourself to try something new and good for you:

This is a good intro recipe from Mark Sisson, plus this tapenade is just as good on grilled mushrooms as it is on steak

Sarah Britton is an amazing cook, this is one seaweed recipe from her blog, scroll to the bottom of her recipe for links to 2 more

And one of my favorite seaweed salads


Spooky and Delicious

Oh, Halloween!  A time of overindulging, and the following stomachaches and sugar rushes (and crashes).  Not this year.  I’m not saying you have to be the neighbor that distributes toothbrushes.  But if there’s a bulk bag of junk and sugar in a decorative bowl, and you are going to be walking past it all day…You know what trick or treaters love? Toothbrushes.  Or maybe be that neighbor with the tiny boxes of raisins.  

Here are a few tips for getting through the Halloween madness.  Make the most of your meals and snacks this week.  Make sure they are filled with satisfying protein and good for you veggies.  And remember to hydrate.  Hunger and dehydration lead to sugar cravings, and sugar cravings lead to–  Hey! Where’d that decorative bowl of candy go?  Take a deep breath, put that bowl down and go have some REAL food.

Try to keep your house and workplace Paleo friendly, even on Halloween.  Keep cravings for junk away.  If eating a whole bag of candy is a temptation, do not even bring it into the house.  Keep an emergency apple in your pocket when that candy dish at work becomes a pumpkin shaped bucket of badness.  And whatever happens, be kind to yourself.  If you wake up on November 1st, covered in brightly colored candy bar wrappers, recover well.  Toss any remaining junk, make yourself a good Paleo breakfast, and remember that this challenge is about being good to yourself.  And sometimes, that means a little hit of sugar…a little.

Here are some delicious Halloween recipes:

From nomnompaleo, a savory and satisfying protein option.  And so cute to bring to a party.  Use sliced tempeh instead of sausages for a vegan/vegetarian version

And, as for the sweets, sugar is sugar. Enjoy…in moderation, and keep your eats good and clean the rest of this week. has many paleo friendly recipes for cookies and other sweets


The Vegetarian Option

You leave sweat angels on the floor, and the floor thanks you. The pullup bar sees you coming and starts to shake with fear. Kettlebells bow down before you.  You are a CrossFit athlete.  You’re into it, you get it.  Everyone is comparing calluses and Fran times.  And you’re right there with them.  Then it happens, someone starts talking about bacon.

It happens, the Paleo lifestyle and the CrossFit lifestyle intersect at many points. Essentially, both are about making a commitment to take care of yourself.  You want to use your body to its fullest physical potential and feel good doing it.  Nourish yourself and be strong.  Can it be done, ahem, without the bacon?

Yes! Absolutely.  Vegetarians and Vegans welcome.  Your Paleo Challenge diet will differ from the omnivores on the challenge.  But your goal is the same. Detox your body from fake foods.  Nourish yourself with quality, natural and whole foods.  Kick @$$ at the gym, at home, and in general be awesome.


On the Vegetarian/Vegan Option, avoid wheat and modern grains.  Break up with hyper-processed food (That square-shaped, bright orange “cheese” in your fridge?  Tell it buh-bye.)  Aim for a gluten free diet for 30 days.  If you usually consume dairy, give your body  break and avoid that too.  The Vegetarian lifestyle should be about high quality food that your body needs and loves.  No vegan caveman ever consumed a box of TVP filled, batter covered food nuggets.  But man, he loved him some kale chips.  Who doesn’t?

Avoid: Gluten, wheat, and modern grains. Dairy. Fake food, highly processed food.

Eat: Vegetables, Healthy Fats, Nuts, Seeds, Some Fruit.  Plenty of Water.  Ancient and nutritionally dense seeds and grains. (Think flax, chia, amaranth, quinoa, etc.)

And then there is soy.  On a typical Paleo diet, soy is avoided.  You’re not on the typical Paleo diet right? But the goal is to eat naturally.  So some shelf stable soy spread filled with weird preservatives is out.  Stick with less processed soy products, as close to whole as possible.  Tempeh, miso, and whole soya beans.

Keep track of all your meals and snacks, your water intake, exercise, stress and rest levels.  Challenge yourself to get enough protein (share suggestions on quality ingredients, supplements, and recipes).  Be good to yourself and eat well.