Spooky and Delicious

Oh, Halloween!  A time of overindulging, and the following stomachaches and sugar rushes (and crashes).  Not this year.  I’m not saying you have to be the neighbor that distributes toothbrushes.  But if there’s a bulk bag of junk and sugar in a decorative bowl, and you are going to be walking past it all day…You know what trick or treaters love? Toothbrushes.  Or maybe be that neighbor with the tiny boxes of raisins.  

Here are a few tips for getting through the Halloween madness.  Make the most of your meals and snacks this week.  Make sure they are filled with satisfying protein and good for you veggies.  And remember to hydrate.  Hunger and dehydration lead to sugar cravings, and sugar cravings lead to–  Hey! Where’d that decorative bowl of candy go?  Take a deep breath, put that bowl down and go have some REAL food.

Try to keep your house and workplace Paleo friendly, even on Halloween.  Keep cravings for junk away.  If eating a whole bag of candy is a temptation, do not even bring it into the house.  Keep an emergency apple in your pocket when that candy dish at work becomes a pumpkin shaped bucket of badness.  And whatever happens, be kind to yourself.  If you wake up on November 1st, covered in brightly colored candy bar wrappers, recover well.  Toss any remaining junk, make yourself a good Paleo breakfast, and remember that this challenge is about being good to yourself.  And sometimes, that means a little hit of sugar…a little.

Here are some delicious Halloween recipes:

From nomnompaleo, a savory and satisfying protein option.  And so cute to bring to a party.  Use sliced tempeh instead of sausages for a vegan/vegetarian version 


And, as for the sweets, sugar is sugar. Enjoy…in moderation, and keep your eats good and clean the rest of this week.  Elanaspantry.com has many paleo friendly recipes for cookies and other sweets




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