Better know a vegetable

One of the great things a nutrition challenge does is, well, challenge you.  Challenge you to find new recipes.  Challenge you to find new ingredients.  And this Paleo Challenge is a great time to explore the amazing variety of foods out there.  And sometimes there are foods out there we’ve never even heard of, let alone tried to eat.  Hold my hand, take a deep breath, and let’s dive in, shall we?  Right into the sea, where sea vegetables live (Obviously).  Did I lose you? Come back!

Sea vegetables are a superfood, low in calories and fat.  More significantly, they are some of the richest sources of minerals in the vegetable kingdom!  And sea vegetables provide iodine, a nutrient vital to maintaining health.  There are many delicious ways to eat seaweed.  A great way to sprinkle it into your everyday diet is to, ahem, sprinkle it into your everyday diet.  Dulse flakes are readily available at supermarkets, and so is a great seasoning called gomasio (seaweed, salt, and sesame seeds).  I sprinkle these into morning scrambled eggs, burgers, mushrooms, and onto sweet potatoes too.

Here’s a good article about eating sea veggies: 

And some yummy recipes.  Be bold!  Challenge yourself to try something new and good for you:

This is a good intro recipe from Mark Sisson, plus this tapenade is just as good on grilled mushrooms as it is on steak

Sarah Britton is an amazing cook, this is one seaweed recipe from her blog, scroll to the bottom of her recipe for links to 2 more

And one of my favorite seaweed salads


2 thoughts on “Better know a vegetable

    1. kslefferts Post author

      Mashed celery root is delish! You can also purée it with some chicken or vegetable broth for a creamy soup.


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