Breakfast, that really important meal you don’t eat

Oh breakfast, you know you’re supposed to eat it.  You know it sets the tone for for your mood and energy levels for the whole day.  Today is the day you wake up, stretch, put on your bunny slippers, skip into the kitchen and make yourself a fancy breakfast–something with multiple ingredients in the title.  Maple-cinnamon-walnut pancakes with…Oh crap! It’s already 7:30, what do you mean it’s already 7:30?! There’s already traffic.  I have that presentation at noon. Where is my last clean work shirt?  The cat threw up in my shoe.  A banana, that should hold me over until noon.  You know what?  Tomorrow…Tomorrow is the day I wake up early and make myself a fancy breakfast.

Just like any other meal, or any other healthy way of eating, preparation and a little forethought go a long way towards helping you achieve your best breakfast.

And, while I have an unlimited appetite for eggs, I hear ya peoples.  Here are some not scrambled eggs, make ahead and have it ready in the fridge, absolutely delicious breakfast recipes.  I’d add a little extra protein to all of them by grabbing a little breakfast sausage. (And look at you, you already made it and it’s sitting in the fridge too. You’re so good at this Paleo thing.)

Banana Bread from the Civilized Caveman

A delicious “cereal” recipe to enjoy with some unsweetened almond milk

In the words of Donkey, from Shrek, “Everybody love parfait!”

Blueberry muffins from Elana’s Pantry

This recipe had the words chocolate and pudding in the title, ‘nuf said.

and a breakfast sausage solution to add a little protein to these on the go meals.  The recipe calls for ground pork, but I sub in ground turkey and it’s just as yummy.


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