Cold weather, warm food

Okay February is the shortest month, maybe it’s the constant snow…but it seems like spring is so very far away. It’s not (there will be t-shirts and shorts, and birds singing about how great you look after this Paleo Challenge wraps up). Borrowing upon the literary classic Goodnight Moon, all I am craving are bowls of mush. Warm and comforting, these recipes hit the spot.

A warm bowl of breakfast, top it off with berries:

Spaghetti squash or sweet potato noodles (easy to find at Asian supermarkets) are a great base to adapt Italian comfort food:

A bowl of tikka masala is one of my all time favorite comfort foods:

And, in case you need to dig out your car again, reward yourself with this hot cocoa recipe:

Or a steamy cup of chai (this recipe is also a wonderfully sneaky way to get some extra protein–you could use this for breakfast ):


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