What’s involved in our CrossFit Giant Paleo Challenge?

Welcome to CrossFit Giant’s Fall Paleo Challenge! For 30 days, you are going to be good to yourself. Eat real food, that’s what Paleo boils down to. Your body was designed to eat food that exists naturally. No, there is not a PopTarts tree out there. Your meals will be packed with good proteins, nutritious vegetables, healthy fats, and overall yumminess.

The Rules of the Challenge:

Duration: The challenge will begin when you wake up on Monday June 2, 2014 and end at 11:59pm on Tuesday, July 1, 2014.

How to Enter:

There is a $20 buy in for the challenge. The $20 is due at the start of the challenge.

All participants must:

  • Weigh-in at the beginning of the challenge on Monday, 6/2 and the end of the challenge on Tuesday, 7/1.
  • Take before and after photos on day 1 & day 30 (coaches will take photos and photos will be kept confidential unless athlete agrees to use for before/after on our website and social media)
  • Perform baseline WOD on day 1 and day 30
  • Log all food, sleep, water intake and workouts for 30 days on Wodify or in notebook.
  • Attend Paleo meetings, lectures and/or discuss participation with a coach.


Date of Weigh-Ins:

“Before” weigh-ins and photos must be taken between 6/1 and 6/4.

“After” weigh-ins and photos must be taken between 6/31 and 7/2.



Keeping a good log keeps you accountable. It also helps you correlate what you are putting in your body with how you feel throughout the day and during workouts. It will help you hone in on the foods your body responds best to. It also allows you to be able to watch your diet and help you fix any initial glitches you might be experiencing with the diet. For the challenge, we require you to:

Log all your food on Wodify or in a journal. This includes

  • What you ate
  • How much of each item you ate
  • What time of day

We know you don’t live attached to a computer – you do not need to log everyday, but you need to have a log for every day.


Who Wins?

One week from the end of the paleo challenge final weigh-ins, the coaches will announce the three finalists, and the winner will be decided by both coaches and athletes. There will be two winners, based on overall body change in 2 categories:

Category 1: Overall weight lost, inches lost, and performance increase – we will take into account how detailed and clean the food log is, how much you wodded throughout the challenge, and if you followed the other rules.

Category 2: One winner will also be chosen based on weight/muscle mass gain. For those looking to gain lean muscle mass on the challenge, you must indicate at start of challenge this is your goal. Same rules apply for those looking to gain (food log, how often you workout, etc.)

* Prize TBA and dependent on how many people enter the challenge.


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